Plants of the Villages and Parks of Nunavik
  • Marcel Blondeau, Claude Roy, Alain Cuerrier
  • Inuktitut, French, English
  • 2011
  • Paper Back - 5 in. X 7 ¾ in. - 737 pages
  • 978-2-89544-167-0
$44.95 (CAD)

Plants of the villages and the parks of Nunavik

A field guide to Nunavik and the Parc National de la Gaspésie
Created for the residents of Nunavik, for visitors to the North and for amateur and professional botanists, this guide includes illustrations of more than 400 plant species and provides precise information about their range in Nunavik’s communities and parks,  in certain regions of Canada’s eastern Arctic, and in the Parc de la Gaspésie, where the high peaks are home to many Arctic alpine species.

About the authors
Marcel Blondeau, a retired educator, explored Northern Quebec to make an inventory of plants species and document them in a photo archive. This guide is the result of some 30 years of careful observation.
Claude Roy, botanist at l’Herbier Louis-Marie (Laval University’s herbarium) until he retired, shares his passionate interest in lichens—and in photography.
Alain Cuerrier, an ethnobotanist and researcher, lists the Inuktitut plant names in the Nunavik region and traces the principal ways in which the Inuit use various plants.

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