• Christopher Fletcher
  • Inuktitut / english
  • 2011
  • Paperback, 4 ¼ in. X 6 ½ in., 170 pages
  • 978-2-921644-85-3
$19.95 (CAD)

Traditional Inuit First-Aid (english/inuktitut version)

The Nunavik Inuit have always relied on their environment to deal with accidents and injuries. Based on information gleaned from elders from Inukjuak, Kangiqsujuaq and Kuujjuaq in Nunavik, the author presents a series of treatments once used by the Inuit. These healing techniques can, still today, prove very useful in conditions of extreme emergency where no other treatments are available on site.

About the author
Throughout the 1990s, Christopher Fletcher worked closely with Inuit communities in Nunavik on a number of health and environmental issues. His training is in medical and ecological anthropology and he specialized in cultural perspectives on health in northern Canadian communities. His work is collaborative and follows the direction of local issues and questions. After a decade in Alberta, he has recently returned to Quebec where and is currently a professor in the Department of Social and Preventative Medicine at Université Laval.