• Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk
  • 2015
  • 610 pages
  • 978-2-921644-49-5
  • $48
$48.00 (CAD)

Traditions relating to Customary Law in Nunavik

This volume is part of a larger undertaking on Nunavik history, the concept of history taken in a wide sense to include Inuit traditions and knowledge, Qaujimausivut.

During two months, Lisa Koperqualuk interviewed 40 people in Nunavik, and gathered information about the rules that used to govern Inuit life, the ways to maintain harmony in society, and also about cases of people who shattered the harmony, one example being the Aukkautik event, a drama known to most people in Nunavik. A special chapter is devoted to the experiences of women, and two appendices transmit the knowledge of two immensely respected individuals, Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk and Taamusi Qumaq.

This book arrives at a time when the number of court cases in Nunavik is on the rise and many people have forgotten what values their parents and grandparents obeyed. It is hoped that the discussions can be fuelled by the information contained here.