• Edited by Fabien Pernet
  • Inuktitut, French, English
  • 2012
  • Paperback, 6 in. X 9 in. X 1 in., 375 pages
  • 978-2-921644-48-8
$32.95 (CAD)

Traditions relating to Education, Pregnancy and Childbirth in Nunavik

In this book, four Nunavik Elders – Alicie Koneak, Lizzie Irniq and Maata Tuniq of Kangiqsujuaq and Alacie Kuannanack Tukalak of Puvirnituq – reflect on some of the knowledge and practices involved in Inuit Education.
The interviews cover a wide range of topics, presented in the same order that the Elders experienced them. So each interview began with issues related to pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Then, depending on the knowledge and interest of the Elder involved, we discussed matters related to early childhood and the care that children received in their first years of life. These topics traced out the shape of Inuit Educational strategies, the critical moments in education, and the primary relationships that helped a child to integrate the knowledge and skills essential for self sufficiency.

About the author
Fabien Pernet, in 2012, will be completing his educational program at Université Laval in cultural anthropology, with a specialization in child study and educational practices. Since the mid-2000 decade, he has worked with the Nunavik elders on the production of a digest of their cultural and linguistic knowledge. During his many stays in the North, he had the opportunity to participate in the daily life of many communities and befriend many persons and families who proved to be both extraordinary hosts and mentors.