Des Tuniit aux Inuits, Patrimoines archéologique et historique au Nunavik

This book presents the findings of the three-year ARUC “Des Tuniit aux Inuits” research project.

Palaeoeskimo Cultural Transition: a case study from Ivujivik, Eastern Artic

This book presents the findings of the research conducted by Murielle Nagy within the context of her doctoral project. The research was realized in Ivujivik, Nunavik, with the collaboration of the Avataq Cultural Institute and the Ivujivimmiut.

Reconstitution des modes d’extraction de la stéatite sur le site de Qajartalik

This work is an adaptation of Amélie Langlais’ master’s thesis on the extraction methods of steatite during the Dorset period. The author explores the various technical aspects related to the exploitation of steatite on the Qajartalik rupestral site and compares her observations with other quarry sites exploited around the same period.

Ramah Chert: a Lithic Odyssey

Jenneth Curtis and Pierre M. Desrosiers, Editors The odyssey of Ramah chert has captured the attention of archaeologists throughout Northeastern North America. This book takes us on a journey over thousands of kilometres providing a collection of detailed studies on varied aspects of this lithic raw material. Thanks to the contribution of numerous experts it …